Araven Deep Food Storage Container

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Araven Deep Box

Araven Deep Food Storage Container

Containers without lids for use in handling processes. They are made of polyethylene which is highly resistant to impacts and has an optimal behaviour at low temperatures. The extra thickness of the containers makes them highly robust and endows them with excellent mechanical behaviour.
It is recommended that food should be thawed without its original packaging; place food in these containers to speed up the thawing process.

Rounded edges

The special design avoids the accumulation of food remains and facilitates cleaning.


Ergonomic edges make the container easy to handle.



Compliance with European regulations

Compliance with all European regulations on materials and objects intended for food contact.

Min.Tem. ºC

Min.Tem. F

Max.Tem. ºC

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Weight 1.133 kg
Dimensions 530 × 396 × 139 cm