DeBuyer Moul Flex-Silicone 15 Hemispherical Form

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DeBUYER Pastry Shop Moul Flex-Pure Platinum Silicone Molds 17,5 x 30cm, 15 Hemispherical Form Ø 4 cm

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DeBuyer Moul Flex-Silicone 15 Hemispherical Form

The Moul’flex mini demi-spheres allows original creations sweet or salty, hot or cold. It is composed of 15 half-spheres of 4cm diameter, ideal for the realization of desserts with modern design or decorations in chocolate or caramel for example

Black in color, the mold absorbs heat for better warmth communication and excellent caramelization.

It can be used for both hot and cold cooking and cold forming. Put the mold on a grid or perforated plate for better circulation of hot or cold air.

Grease at first use.

Traditional baking, microwave or bain-marie.

Do not heat with empty shapes. Do not put under a grill.

Do not use sharp objects in the mold.

Tip: hand wash.

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