DeBuyer Moul Flex-Silicone Molds 12 Bordelais 1900

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**DeBUYER Pastry Shop Moul Flex-Pure Platinum Silicone Molds 17,5 x 30cm, 12 Bordelais

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DeBuyer Moul Flex-Silicone Molds 12 Bordelais 1900

The Moul’flex “Tradition 1900” has 12 imprints worked, with traditional design.
Used for the preparation of Canel©s, blanks, cakes.

Usable hot or cold.

Black mold: absorbs heat for even heat diffusion; very good caramelization of pastries.

High quality pure platinium silicone: very flexible mold; guaranteed without peroxide.
Resistant: withstands temperatures from -40 ° C to + 280 ° C.

Smooth inner surface: natural anti-adhesion and easy release.

Grease at first use. Traditional baking, microwave or bain-marie.

Do not heat with empty shapes. Do not put under a grill. Do not use sharp objects in the mold.

Tip: put the mold on a grid or perforated plate for better circulation of hot or cold air.

Maintenance: hand wash recommended.