UNGER Glass Scraper Blades (Ergotec/Protrim Compatible)

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UNGER Glass Scraper Blades


Glass blades with reversible sharp/blunt edge. For TX100, EG100, TM100.

  • KL100: 10cm, 250 loose blades. 
  • TR100: 10cm, 10 boxes x 25 blades (=250). 
  • TR150: 15cm, 10 boxes x 25 blades (=250).


GLASS SCRAPERS provide an extra sharp carbon steel blade with two sharp edges. Perfect to remove stickers, paint etc. from glass.

These blades are available either as robust carbon steel blade or a high-quality, and flexible stainless steel blade.

The SURFACE SCRAPERS provide extra solid, reversible sharp/blunt blades. The sharp edge is ideal for removing stubborn objects such as stickers or paint, while the blunt side is great at removing heavyduty dirt.


  • Made of extra-sharp carbon steel and each blade is 4-way sharpened
  • Two sharp sides for twice the wear on selected scraper blades
  • Both sides lacquered for longer rust protection
  • Individual wrapping in wax paper helps to protect blades from rusting and sticking together
  • Safely packed and stored in convenient plastic dispenser. Blades remain dry and always available in safe dispenser

Use these blades as a replacement in the following scrapers:

  • Trim10 Scraper (TM100)
  • ProTrim 10 Scraper (TX100)
  • ErgoTecĀ© Glass Scraper (EG100 and EG150)

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