Method Fabric Softener Tropical Coconut

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METHOD Fabric Tropical Coconut 1.57 litres

METHOD Fabric Softener 1.57L

Our new fabric softener leaves your socks so soft + fragrant you™ll be reaching down to stroke your toes. Naturally derived softening agents gently hug your fabrics to reduce static + clinginess (never a good look). Each 100% recycled bottle contains 45 washes of tlc. Slip into something more cuddlable.


5-15%: Cationic surfactants*
<5%: Perfume (Limonene*, Eugenol*)
Lactic acid*
Water, Propylene Glycol*, Dimethicone, Magnesium chloride*, Colorant
*denotes plant or mineral origin

Material assessment:

Every ingredient used in a method product is comprehensively evaluated by an independent environmental research institute, MBDC. as a result of this rigorous material research process, we can be completely certain of the health and environmental safety of all method products.


All core products are Cradle to Cradle certified, and more than 75% meet gold level certification. This means a team of scientists at C2C Institute have rigorously assessed all ingredients, packaging materials and design, processes, making sure that we’™ve designed for maximum material reutilization.

Hello, we’re Method:

We are people against dirty. In your hand, you hold the power to join us in the good fight, the fight to make our planet, and homes, a cleaner place. We are passionate believers in the Cradle to Cradle design philosophy, meaning that each one of our products has a past and a future, that’s why we make our bottles from old bottles and our non-toxic cleaners are biodegradable. Its also why every material we use is assessed by independent scientists for environmental quality + safety for people. Because we believe that cleaning products can put the hurt on dirt without doing harm to people, creatures or the planet. They can even smell like rainbows 🙂

Big bottle 1.57L – made of 100% recycled plastic and easily recyclable.

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