HILLBRUSH Jug Graduated, Stainless Steel, 2000ml

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HILLBRUSH Jug Graduated, Stainless Steel, 2000ml

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2Ltr Stainless Steel 170mm Jug. This product is ideal for measuring liquid ingredients in food preparation areas.


170 mm

200 mm



0.31 kg

Stock Material
Stainless Steel

Fill Material

Trim Length

Min Usage Temperature-18°

Max Usage Temperature79°

Metal and X-Ray Detectable No

Anti-Microbial No

Resin-Set DRS® No

Hillbrush was established in 1922 and has since grown to become the UK™s leading supplier of quality cleaning equipment. With a portfolio of over 3000 products and a distribution network to over 95 countries, Hillbrush products are world renowned. Hillbrush continues to push the boundaries in hygienic design, bringing advanced scientific technology to everyday cleaning routines supporting compliance and improving efficiency.

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