Fabric Stain Remover X4 Acid Rust Cement

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Fabric Stain Remover X4 Acid Rust Cement 1819 500 ml

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INTENSIVE 4 Glass & Stainless Steel

Specially formulated to cut through grease on glass, windows and stainless steel to leave sparkling clean with a perfect shine.

Directions For Use

Proceed to chemical dosing station, fill bottle with 700ml water. Place Trigger Bottle into station number 4 (Blue) and pull lever ONCE. Place trigger spray head on Bottle. Product is ready to use, spray and wipe clean.

Product Dosage

20 ml per 700 ml Water.

First Aid

In case of contact with skin, wash with copious amounts of cold fresh water. Remove contaminated clothing. In case ingestion, drink plenty of water, and seek immedi-ate medical attention. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water, whilst protecting unaffected eye. Inhalation; Move the exposed person to fresh air Seek immediate medical attention. Bring label and MSDS Sheet

Health & Safety

Wear Gloves and eye and face protection.

Part Number: 1819

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