DeBuyer Non Stick Aluminium Choc Ceramic Tatin Mold

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**DeBUYER CHOC, Aluminium, Non Stick Tarte Tatin Ceramic Mold Ø 20cm 2 Portion

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DeBuyer Non Stick Aluminium Choc Ceramic Tatin Mold

Non-stick aluminum tart pie mold, Choc Ceramic design.

Specially designed for the making of pies reversed: allows the preparation of caramel on the fire and the baking of the dessert in the oven in a single container.

Thick aluminum: homogeneous diffusion of heat; rapid rise in temperature; indeformable mold.

Extremely abrasion resistant coating: hard ceramic base coated with non-stick coating; sustainable performance.

Optimal anti-adhesive properties for easy demolding.

Compatible with all heat sources, EXCEPT induction.

Do not heat empty or overheat. Avoid thermal shock.

Care: Hand wash, non-abrasive sponge.

Do not put in the dishwasher.

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