UNGER Ergotec Ninja Window Squeegee 30° complete

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  • Ergonomic handle with 180° swivel
  • Handle with TriLoc mechanism for secure hold of the channel
  • Extruded Aircraft Aluminum T6 Channel: will not bend or break
  • Fits securely to pole with Locking Cone
  • 30° head angle

ErgoTec NINJA window squeegee 30°: The professional window squeegee for perfect window cleaning

The ErgoTec NINJA series is made for professional glass and building cleaners who rely on advanced, high-quality tools. The high quality standards in the development of the ErgoTec Ninja tools mean that they stand out from standard tools for professional window cleaning. From the ergonomic handle to the NINJA aluminium channel to the soft rubber: UNGER has developed all components of the product range for extreme performance and durability. You too can benefit from the enormous efficiency of the ErgoTec NINJA window squeegee 30° and clean larger areas in less time.

Professionals know what’s important in daily window cleaning. Various tools are required for classic window cleaning. At the beginning the window is washed. Then a window squeegee is used, leaving the window free of streaks. The surface is then finished with a microfibre glass cloth where necessary. Glass and window surfaces can be cleaned in the classic way both indoors and outdoors.

ErgoTec Ninja window squeegee with 30° inclination: the right angle for comfortable working

With the ErgoTec Ninja window squeegee, glass cleaning is particularly precise. The 30° ErgoTec Ninja window squeegee is ideal for streak-free cleaning with and without telescopic poles.

The window squeegee has smart features that significantly increase the performance of commercial cleaners. The UNGER Ninja squeegee scores points thanks to its pivoting function, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach areas and when working with a telescopic pole. A working area of up to 180° is easily covered by the window squeegee – this allows you to clean a larger area in less time without leaving streaks. The tension of the swivel head can be reduced or increased using the integrated stainless steel screw, which can be easily adjusted without additional tools – simply use a coin. The swivel head is fixed in the middle position by activating the lock button.

Full control & secure hold: ergonomic handle and locking function

The ergonomic 2K handle of the ErgoTec NINJA window squeegee has been perfected for the human hand. The high-quality anti-slip rubber coating ensures a high level of comfort and perfect handling. The integrated thumb area on the top allows you to apply additional pressure at specific points. Like all ErgoTec T-bars and window squeegees, the UNGER window squeegee locks firmly onto the telescopic pole’s safety cone. No problems with falling or twisting off!

Maximum flexibility thanks to adjustable rubber position

The extruded channel made of high-tech T6 aluminium is extra lightweight, does not bend and keeps the squeegee rubber perfectly even on the glass. Due to the stable channel and the bulky handle, it is possible to use the squeegee with very long channels (20cm to 105m) with even pressure. It is also suitable, for example, for cleaning large areas such as shop windows. If you want to change the channel, it is very easy thanks to the innovative TriLoc mechanism. Th choice of two rubber positions offers professionals complete flexibility. So you can always adjust the contact pressure and the contact to the surface individually. Not only do the SmartClips enable you to change the rubber or its position in seconds, they also protect the window frame from scratches. The extra touch for superior safety: If the SmartClip is open, a yellow warning signal makes you aware. Let the best window squeegee and the streak-free cleaning results convince you too.

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