Sofiac 2 ALD Detectable Safety Knife

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Product Brand Logo

Product Brand Logo

Detectable and food compatible version of the Sofiac. Safety knife in detectable composite material adapted to the food industry. Front part and
metal tip in Zamac. Perfect to cut and tear packaging straps and adhesives on cardboard boxes.

Safety knife multiuse with 3 functions. Designed to cut plastic films, thick straps and tear adhesives surrounding cardboards.

– Ambidextrous
– No blade contact.
– Carbon blade covered with TIN that has a 7 times longer lifetime than a normal blade.
– Ergonomic.
– Efficient
– Very robutst, high resistance to the impacts.
– Resist to acetone.
– Easy use for both right and left-handers

– Knives to cut plastic packaging films
– Knives to cut packaging adhesives
– Knives to cut packaging straps
– Knives to cut thick straps

Operating principle: Safety knife with possibility to change the blade. To cut, pierce the plastic film with the beak of the knife and pull. To tear adhesives, use the asperity of the knife’s head, made in Zamak. To cut the plastic straps, don’t cut forward but at an angle of 35°/40°.