Quairie Safety Knife

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Product Brand Logo

Safety knife with a retractable blade and possible locking into a safe postion at rest. The first two-material handle with trigger.
Perfect for handling work, opening cardboards and packaging. Made to improve the opening of cardboards in total safety. The blade length is adjustable , 3 positions.

– Two-material safety knife. The first one in Europe.
– Possibility to lock the blade with the orange lock slider.
– Reversible blade.
– Retractable blade by stainless steel spring.
– Adjustement possibility for different blades.
– Easy blade changing.
– Ambidextrous.
– Ultra Ergonomic, Avoid carpal and tendinitis problems.
– Acetone-resistant / detergent-resistant.
– High cutting precision.
– Easy use for both right and left-handed.
– Spring resistance tested with more than 100 000 pressure trials.

– Knives to cut compact and simple-walled corrugated cardboard boxes
– Knives to cut double-walled corrugated cardboard boxes
– Knives to cut packaging adhesives
– Knives to cut packaging plastic films

Operating principle: Safety knife with possibility to adjust the cutting depth.
To make the blade out of the body, the orange slider must be pushed forward, then press the trigger.