Mechanical Force Gauge 289-102

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289-102 Mech. force gauge Max 5 N: d=0,05 N: 0,5 N

Mechanical weight and force measurement with quality spring for long service life


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Mechanical Force Gauge 289-102

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Product Description:

The very best price/performance ratio thanks to the transparent plastic housing, ideal for schools and educational institutions

Newton scale: The KERN 281 range can display the results in Newtons instead of in grammes, specifically for measuring tensile forces

High quality:

zero-play spring bearing with highly-precise adjustment

fatigue-proof stainless steel spring

Abrasion-resistant, colour precision scale with high resolution

Thanks to the rotating inner tube, the scale is always easy to read

The bracket which is delivered as standard can easily be swapped for another suspension device, so that the system can be individually adapted to the items being weighed

You will find a wide range of further spring balances with gramme division or Newton division for tension and pressure measurements and specific accessories at

  • Weighing range Max:
  • Readout d:
  • Max. Length:
  • Read Out Length:
  • Max. Hardness Leeb:
  • Min. Hardness Leeb:
  • Read Out Hardness Leeb:
  • Max. Force: 5 N
  • Read Out Force: 0.050 N | 0.500 N
  • Verification value:
  • Verification class:
  • Minimum load:
  • Reproducibility-Linearity:
  • Verification:
  • Price Verification:
  • DKD Certificate:
  • Price DKD certificate:
  • ISO calibration certificate:
  • Price ISO calibration certificate:
  • Dimensions housing WxDxH: 330 mm x 12.200 mm x 12.200 mm
  • Material weighing plate:
  • Dimensions weighing plate WxDxH:
  • Weighing area WxD:
  • Weighing space WxDxH:
  • Display digit height:
  • Weighing units: N
  • Stabilisation time:
  • Weighing system:
  • Rechargeable battery:
  • Charging time:
  • Operating time Backlight on:
  • Input voltage:
  • Power Supply For Country:
  • Power Supply Kind:
  • Battery UN Number:
  • Operating time:
  • Reference quantity:
  • Environment max. humidity:
  • Environment max. temperature:
  • Environment min. temperature:

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Dimensions 12.2 × 330 × 12.2 cm