Discover the revolutionary Intensive Q Smart Technology from Glana, a game-changer in the world of laundry management. By combining our cutting-edge web-based dispensing system with highly concentrated laundry chemicals, we bring you an intelligent solution that optimises efficiency, eliminates waste, and ensures outstanding results.


Precise Dosing for Impeccable Results Every TIme:

With Intensive Q Smart Technology, you can say goodbye to guesswork. Our system enables accurate dosing at an impressive rate of 0.01mg per 1KG of Dry Weight Washing. This precise dosing ensures that each load receives the right amount of chemicals, maximising cleaning performance and reducing the need for rewashing.


Real-Time Monitoring with SMART Q Laundry Technology:

Stay in control of your laundry operations 24/7 with our advanced SMART Q Laundry technology. This innovative feature allows remotely monitoring and management laundry processes in real-time. Keep track of usage, adjust settings, and receive alerts, allowing us to prevent issues before they cause a problem. .


Streamlined Efficiency with Custom-Built Dispensers:

Our Intensive Q Smart Technology provides seamless integration with your laundry setup. A single dispenser can efficiently serve up to 5 machines, simplifying your operations and saving valuable space. We offer custom-built dispensers, supplied free on loan, so you can focus on optimising your laundry workflow while only paying for the chemicals used.

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