Elec. Force Gauge (External) FH 200K.

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FH 200K. Elec. force gauge (external) Max 200 kN: d=100 N

Force-measurement system for measuring high-capacity tension and compression forces from 200 kN up to 1000 kN

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Elec. Force Gauge (External) FH 200K.

Certificates Available:

Product Description:

Digital force gauge with remote sensor

Turnable display with backlight

Data interface RS-232

Selectable measuring units: N, lb, kg

Real time or Peak Hold Mode to observe transcients or capture peaks

Function to set limits, programming of Max./Min., in pull and push direction, with output of audible and optical signal. Ideal mode for efficient and accurate testing of standard parts


Mini Statistics Kit: calculates the average result from up to ten stored single results, min., max., n

Typical applications are in the ship-building industry or in the construction of machinery and plant, Accessories see www.kern-sohn.com

Technical data

Measuring frequency: 2000 Hz

Precision: 1 % of

Overload protection: 150 % of

Dimensions housing LxWxH 238x63x36 mm

Dimensions sensor

FH 200K ØxH 45×155 mm

FH 500K. ØxH 64×204 mm

FH 1M ØxH 90×208 mm

  • Weighing range Max:
  • Readout d:
  • Max. Length:
  • Read Out Length:
  • Max. Hardness Leeb:
  • Min. Hardness Leeb:
  • Read Out Hardness Leeb:
  • Max. Force: 200 kN
  • Read Out Force: 100 N
  • Verification value:
  • Verification class:
  • Minimum load:
  • Reproducibility-Linearity:
  • Verification:
  • Price Verification:
  • DKD Certificate:
  • Price DKD certificate:
  • ISO calibration certificate:
  • Price ISO calibration certificate:
  • Dimensions housing WxDxH:
  • Material weighing plate:
  • Dimensions weighing plate WxDxH:
  • Weighing area WxD:
  • Weighing space WxDxH:
  • Display digit height: 1 cm
  • Weighing units:
  • Stabilisation time:
  • Weighing system:
  • Rechargeable battery:
  • Charging time: 4 h
  • Operating time Backlight on:
  • Input voltage: 100 V – 240 V
  • Power Supply For Country: CH EURO
  • Power Supply Kind: Mains adapter external
  • Battery UN Number: 3496
  • Operating time:
  • Reference quantity:
  • Environment max. humidity:
  • Environment max. temperature: 40 °C
  • Environment min. temperature: 10 °C

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